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Learn how to Gain Control of your Finances, Deconstruct you Mental Monetary Traps, Build your Personal Financial Awareness, Determine the Root of your Issues while Building and Sticking to Monthly and Yearly Financial Plans/Projections.

  • 25% of Employees are distracted by their personal finances while at work

  • 25% of Employees say the new benefit they want most is financial wellness

  • 43% of Employees spend 3 or more work hours thinking about or dealing with their financial issues

Choose Your Success Plan

Level 1


Every Month


Subscription Based Program


  • Comprehensive Financial Review

  • Quarterly Financial Check ups

  • Debt Management & Comprehensive Savings Plan

  • Ongoing Accountability and Support

  • Level 1 Exclusive Educational Tools and Resources

  • Private Level 1 Only Members Facebook Group

  • Daily Email Access to Your Financial Coach

Level 2


Every month

Financial Learning Program


Valid for 12 months

  • Monthly 1 Hour Coaching Call

  • Comprehensive Financial Review

  • Debt Management Plan & Savings Plan

  • Accountability and Support

  • Daily Email Access to your Exclusive Coach

  • Private Level 2 Only Members Facebook Group

  • Access to Free Financial Tools (Checklists, Articles, Blogs)

Best Value

Level 3


Every month

Financial Coaching Program


Valid for 12 months


  • 1 hour Bi-Weekly Meetings with your Exclusive Coach

  • Comprehensive Financial Review

  • Monthly Financial Check ups

  • Debt Management Program

  • Quarterly Momentum Sessions

  • Comprehensive Savings Plan

  • Accountability and Support

  • Track/Record Progress in the Financial Stability Assessment

  • Daily Email Access to an Exclusive Agent

  • Access to Educational Tools(Workbooks, Blogs, Checklists...)

  • Access to OnDemand Financial Coaching Tool

  • Exclusive Financial Coaching Workbook

  • Private Level 3 Members Only Facebook Group

  • Fail Proof Weekly Results Tracking System

Kayla Adams, Entrepreneur

Our experience with Te-erra was phenomenal! My husband and I are recently married and we've been dreading the idea of figuring out how to combine our resources and make a joint budget. We pushed it off for way too long, but after a few failed attempts, we decided to seek professional help. Te-erra swept in, asked pertinent questions, and presented to us a very detailed budget plan with a rigorous savings approach. We were shocked to see how much we could actually save with just a little bit of discipline. We feel empowered and super clear on our financial position and we are so grateful! Highly, highly recommend! Sending my friends to her!

Jeffrey Hazeman, Attorney

Thee Financial Coach has helped me see my finances in a different light. Her expertise was able to help me manage my money, budget better, and improve with saving when I was previously living check to check. She took the numbers I had been looking at on my own and made things easier. She was honest about it being a challenge to get use to, but it is a worthwhile challenge!!!

Amber Parrish, Student

Te-erra was so easy to work with, asked great questions, and helped me explore some of my deeply held beliefs about money. She helped me change the way I thought about savings and my monthly budget. The initial session gave me a lot of information and I plan on purchasing my plan today. It is well worth the money and I would recommend Thee Financial Coach, if you are looking for a financial coach!

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