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The first step to getting smart about money is to better understand how you feel about it. Understanding your Life Values — the Inner, Social, Physical and Financial drivers that impact your financial decisions — can help clarify your goals and priorities.


Have you ever wondered why you feel good about spending money on vacations, but avoid saving for retirement? Or why you buy new golf clubs, but procrastinate when it comes to giving your kids an allowance? The answer may lie in your unique Life Values and how they influence your financial decision making.


Most of us don’t realize what’s behind the thousands of financial decisions we make every year. And, if we are in a relationship, we are even less certain about why our partners make the decisions they do.  Thee Financial Coach is here to help you discover those insecurities and rejuvenate your money mindset!


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Hi... I'm Te-erra

Respected by colleagues as an effective problem solver, Te-erra offers years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, leader, and financial professional.  In her newly released series, “Money Mindset,” Te-erra shares a unique and valuable perspective about the relationship individuals have with money and how their views effect their “Bottom Line.” She shares.... 

Personal Finance 101

We know that the earlier you learn the basics of how money works, the more confident and successful you'll be with your finances later in life. It's never too late to start learning, but it pays to have a head start. The first steps into the world of money start with education.


The basics of banking, budgeting, saving, credit, debt, and investing are the pillars that underpin most of the financial decisions we'll make in our lives. At Thee Financial Coach, we have articles, FAQs and videos, and we've spent more than 6 years building and improving our resources to help you make financial and .....

Business Finance 101

Business finance, the raising and managing of funds by business organizations. Planning, analysis, and control operations are responsibilities of the financial manager, who is usually close to the top of the organizational structure of a firm. In very large firms, major financial decisions are often made by a finance committee. In small firms, the owner-manager usually conducts the financial operations. Much of the day-to-day work of business finance is conducted by lower-level staff; their work includes handling cash receipts and disbursements, borrowing from commercial banks on a regular and continuing basis, and formulating .....

Control your Finances, Don't Let Your Finances Control You!

“Transformation isn’t sweet and bright. It’s a dark and murky, painful pushing. An unraveling of the untruths you’ve carried in your body. A practice in facing your own created demons. A complete uprooting, before becoming.” Victoria Erickson

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