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Respected by colleagues as an effective problem solver, Te-erra offers years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, leader, and financial professional.  In her newly released series, “Money Mindset,” Te-erra shares a unique and valuable perspective about the relationship individuals have with money and how their views effect their “Bottom Line.” She shares practical recommendations of what everyone should do to change their relationship with money.  Te-erra is also the author of, “The Little Black Book of Common Cents,” and “Love & Finance.”  All her novels are based off of experiences she’s gone through and how she overcame.  Te-erra is actively engaged in personal growth and development while continuously sharing her progress year after year.  In addition to her unwavering faith, Te-erra attributes much of her success to the training and development she received while attending Sojourner Douglass College.


As Brand Ambassador of Thee Financial Coach, Te-erra’s personal mission is to educate each person one by one with literature, coaching, and seminars as she leads and impacts social change.

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